Ups and downs


Why is the cliché “life has its ups and downs” so difficult to apply when we find ourselves in a down moment?


Our mood is one of the strongest influences upon our mindset, and our capabilities. If you find it a struggle to reverse the impact a down mood can have, consider this. That cliché exists, because we all know we have ‘ups’.

An emotional reaction to a down mood is normal. We’re human, it’s what we do. So, gaining control of our thought process before our mindset spirals further downward is key. It’s what will determine how easily we can provide ourselves with the energy required to head back up. And we’ll need that energy to prove to ourselves we’re capable, in those times we might not think so.

Ups & Downs

Personal share; My emotions are such that I will often experience ups and downs. And when it comes to downs, I can spend a little too long moping by myself inside those moments. I will over-think, over analyse, second guess, and mentally berate myself that I wound up in a down mood in the first place. This diminishes wht I’m truly capable of.

I’ve also learned that the life I see others leading, is theirs and not mine. To compare myself and my capabilities is a trap. They all have their ups and downs too, but I don’t see as many of theirs. And just because I “think” I’m down and they’re all up, doesn’t mean such thoughts are true. My mood is influencing mindset, is what’s happening.

My propensity to be negative is a personality trait I have very little time for, but it’s part of me. Because of that I have accepted and learned and created ways to turn it around, faster now than I have ever done in years.

Back in my retail management days when training others, I would always say “A complaint is an opportunity to improve service, and increase sales at the same time”. Your personal down moments have that potential too, to improve your situation and create something better. This is why I believe it’s in your best interest to seek out your positives.

Make Ups

When it comes to ups and downs, there’s no instruction manual for climbing out of a down mood. But there are ways to accelerate the process. I want to share with you how I help myself, and my clients, to reverse their downs faster, and get back to creating new and improved ups.


Stop. Stop the negative thought process and immediately change the conversation to focus on what there is to learn. Educate yourself, look around you. Where are the lessons and what positives are within them?

Prioritise. A down suggests something hasn’t gone according to plan. Grab your plan and re-assess. What are the priorities here? What has this current change of events opened up? What must be re-evaluated?

Adapt. We’ve learned something and shuffled our priorities. Time to adapt our plan to suit what’s important. The greater our flexibility, the better we’ll bounce back.

Focus. Our end game hasn’t wavered, and this current down could be considered a hurdle on the way to achieving it. Be kind with your thought process and try not to let a negative mindset prevent you from focussing on the bigger picture.

Action. Do it now. Show your mood what a re-energised mindset is capable of. The moment you achieve one thing on your list is the moment you begin climbing back up. Allow that snowball of positivity to roll, to build and boost you.


Less Downs

And finally, a big one for me is to make sure I’m not heaping the pressure on myself. Are my expectations reasonable? Even at a stretch? Or am I doing what I am more inclined to do, and expecting far too much from myself in too small a time window?

It doesn’t matter if it’s your business, your personal goals, or your hopes and dreams. When you find yourself in a down moment, I heartily recommend reminding your thought process of one thing. It’s an opportunity. And perhaps, a big one.

The cliché is correct, ups and downs will always be part of our lives no matter what. It’s not a contest, and for the sake of our mindset, it’s far better not to make it one. A little more realism goes a long way.

That’s why I say when that down mood arrives it’s OK to go with it. But do try to be mindful and arrest the slide. Regain control of your thought process, take some time to learn more about where you are, and you’re sure to start heading toward your ups faster than you first thought.