As this year nears its end, and a new year is closer to beginning, I wanted to say thank you.

Many of us will pause and reflect over the past 12 months and, hopefully, enjoy what we remember. Should we not, there’s always another 12 months ahead to try and make good, better, best. And even though I’m a bigger fan of making plans than I am of making new years’ resolutions, I still want to encourage all of you to use the changing of the year as a fresh start.

My year just gone was a mixed bag. But definitely more positive than negative. I kicked goals in some places, and I missed a few too. I had to deal with some serious circumstances, I cracked jokes and laughed through others. I struggled alone through stressful times, but when I could I accepted and enjoyed the support of those closest to me.

That’s Life.

That’s life, It ain’t always beer and skittles. But it is what we make of it, and what we do with it. And when we own it and craft it and take responsibility for it, that’s when we can all kick the negatives to the kerb. That choice is always ours, remember that.

Life is always going to get in the way, and sometimes the weight of it will drag upon us and slow us down. That’s cool, it happens. But take it from someone who went through hell because I allowed the weight to remain upon me for far too long. Our ideas dreams and goals don’t happen, unless we make them. The moment I accepted responsibility for how long I allowed the weight of life to hold me back, was the same moment I began to move forward again.

If you’re a resolution maker, I want to encourage you to resolve to plan more next year. A realistic and achievable plan keeps us focused, and accountable. Two vital ingredients for any worthwhile goal. If you’re a planner, I want to encourage you to use the new year better than ever. Make your dates and targets a little more realistic. Stretch targets are good, pipe dreams not so much.

I want to say thank you.

Gratitude is a strong part of my personality. Thank you to those of you who email me each week after reading my blog. Thank you to those of you who send me messages. Thank you to those of you who find their own quiet moment, and choose to use that to talk with me.

Thank you to the small groups I spoke to, and thank you to the larger ones. Thank you to the small businesses, and the big corporates, who invited me to speak to them and their people.

Thank you to my coaching clients. I never take for granted the privilege it is to help you change the way life is for you. Thank you to those who called me up and said “I’m not doing so good, can we chat?” Thank you to those of you who trusted me enough to share your stories.

And thank you to a small but vocal few who showed concern, or critique, and even your disapproval of the work I do and the dreams I have. Without you coercing me into doubting myself and revisiting why I do what I do, I would never have achieved all that I did last year. In fact, had I listened to you, I wouldn’t have achieved anything!

Click the links!

Have a fantastic time while I’m away good people. I’ll be back mid-January. Until then make sure to click on the hyper-links in this email, re-read some of my articles, and get ready for next year.

Lastly, a reminder. What others think about your life and what you’re doing with it, does not matter. It’s what you think, what you do, and why you do it that matters. Stay lovely, and I’ll see you all soon!