Coaching with –The Shift Initiator

Simon has been active in the personal development space for over 30 yrs. During those decades he’s seen some interesting ideas. Simon knows all too well that it’s not enough to have ideas and opinions , you’ve got to be able to connect. Effective coaching is more than just telling people how you managed to achieve, courtesy of the school of hard knocks. It’s about listening, relating, discovering, and empowering.

Using the mBIT modality allows Simon to better guide his clients toward generating their own breakthroughs. Unlike some behavioural modelling techniques, mBIT is focussed on emergence. What Simon can discover and coach out of his clients, is then utilised to assist them in creating their own success stories. When using this method, the results are always in line with the client’s challenges. And their outcomes are far more impacting and lasting

All of Simon’s coaching clients are uniquely individual, from different walks of life, and all at different stages. There is no “one size fits all” approach to helping them achieve what it is they wish for. In fact, there’s no wishing at all. Clients who’ve worked with Simon all describe his style as considerate, yet firm and direct. He’s passionate about driving his clients toward results, as much as they’re passionate about achieving them.

Simon specialises in the three key coaching areas of Mindset, Unhappiness, and Achievement. His programs are equally effective in small to medium groups, as they are in 1 to 1 coaching. Simon is happy to discuss adapting his program to suit your specific outcomes.

All initial 1hr consultations are FREE.Charities and Not-For-Profits can expect a suitable reduction in fees when seeking to engage Simon.

What Simon’s client’s say

Simon is always living and working above the line. Constantly putting himself out there for others, he’ll find many ways of using his skills to their fullest. Simon has a strong drive to overcome any obstacle and never gives up, always seeing the positive in any situation. He is able to teach and convey ideas to a wide range of people.
Cameron Moir, eacher24Seven
Simon is a strong and evolved man, who always encourages others to become just as strong. He looks directly at that which causes trouble or anxiety & faces it. He can then gently demonstrate other possibilities. But Simon also knows the value of rumination – that sometimes we have to call on patience and ‘sit with it’.
Kat Gordon, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles
Quick to smile, laugh, and empathise, Simon has an ability to put anyone at ease. Combined with his talent for listening to people it makes for a powerful mix. There’s no BS with Simon, he’s always willing to help. He knows that the right information delivered the right way will create a positive effect.
Rob Salvatore, VMC
Simon has a talent for cutting through the “stuff” people say, and then finding the facts.
Every day he leads by example, fighting the good fight against unhappiness and depression. He’s more than just alive, he’s “living”.
Shaylene Downer, Seven Point Design