Read About The Shift Initiator

Shift Your View follows the story of Simon Clark’s life and how it went right, then wrong, then right again. In the space of three years he slipped from success to mess and very nearly went all the way to utter emptiness. It was only then did he discover the true meaning of life and love and the spirit within us all. Sharing his incredible story of courage and passion, Simon reveals how and why he chose to rebuild his life instead of destroying it for ever. The darkened path he was once to walk shall never be walked again.

Packed with insights and disturbing accounts from Simon’s shocking real life, this book will inspire you to do just that – shift your view. It will change the way you think about your existence and compel you to see beyond that which holds back your happiness. With Simon’s renewed sense of purpose showing you what is possible, Shift Your View will help free you to achieve more from your life.

An honest and sincere account of how Simon Clark once lived his life, and how he shall never live that same way again.
Compelling reading and a wonderful introduction into what drives the passion of this man.

What Simon’s client’s say

Simon is always living and working above the line. Constantly putting himself out there for others, he’ll find many ways of using his skills to their fullest. Simon has a strong drive to overcome any obstacle and never gives up, always seeing the positive in any situation. He is able to teach and convey ideas to a wide range of people.
Cameron Moir, Teacher
Simon is a strong and evolved man, who always encourages others to become just as strong. He looks directly at that which causes trouble or anxiety & faces it. He can then gently demonstrate other possibilities. But Simon also knows the value of rumination – that sometimes we have to call on patience and ‘sit with it’.
Kat Gordon, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles
Quick to smile, laugh, and empathise, Simon has an ability to put anyone at ease. Combined with his talent for listening to people it makes for a powerful mix. There’s no BS with Simon, he’s always willing to help. He knows that the right information delivered the right way will create a positive effect.
Rob Salvatore, Victorian Motorcycle Council
Simon has a talent for cutting through the “stuff” people say, and then finding the facts. Every day he leads by example, fighting the good fight against unhappiness and depression. He’s more than just alive, he’s “living”.
Shay Downer, Seven Point Design