Before he earned his title “The Shift Initiator” Simon had a successful 16yr career in retail management. He then spent 8yrs at the helm of his own business that he grew from small local entity to the #3 business in his areas industry. After surviving a serious car crash in 2006, Simon’s injuries saw him sell up for a handsome profit and return to managing small businesses in the IT industry. Then in early 2014 Simon once again stepped out on his own, this time focussed on his passion for helping others.

Through his group coaching services and individual personal programs, Simon works with his clients to help them create positive shifts in their mindset and their way of thinking. He’s passionate about helping business to re-invigorate their people, and for individuals to achieve their ideas on success.

For more than 30yrs Simon has been mentoring, motivating, and leading people to live and enjoy a happier more successful life. Contact Simon now for a FREE 60 minute “Shift Assessment Session”. Together you can shift your overwhelm and focus on increasing your clarity and your success.

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Why Choose Simon ?

Simon’s passion shines through when helping individuals and businesses create positive shifts in their mindset and their way of thinking.
Aside from his professional speaking and his authoring, Simon’s biggest impacts are felt through his coaching, consulting, training and facilitating. His clients include small business operators, professionals, executives and entrepreneurs.
Simon knows what it’s like to live a life in fear of how successful you can be. That kind of mindset nearly cost him everything. That way of thinking almost cost him his life. He doesn’t want anyone to live a life like that.
In late 2001 Simon’s life imploded and his rapid journey downward began. Through divorce he lost his wife, kids, house, and then he lost himself. Drunk seven nights a week he viewed the world through a cocktail of booze and prescription medication. One night in August 2006, Simon convinced himself he’d failed at everything in life. He climbed into his work van and drove himself at speed into a telegraph pole. His injuries were so severe that he spent over 12 weeks in hospital. But whilst in that hospital, he designed and initiated his greatest shift of all.
After two years in and out of hospitals Simon swapped his wheelchair for crutches and soon after became capable of walking unaided. As part of his big shift he sold his business and moved to Melbourne to reconnect with his children. He spent years working hard on healing himself, shifting his mindset, shifting his perspective, and then shifting his entire life.
Simon is looking forward to helping more and more people create their own positive shifts in their lives. Through his workshops, his coaching, and his private engagements he’ll be delivering his inspiring messages to as many people as he can. His Keynote speaking will continue to see him shifting the mindset of his audiences as he tells of the lessons and wisdom gleaned from his decade of darkness.

Over 30yrs Experience  ·  Professionally Certified  ·  Focussed and Informative  ·  Engaging and Entertaining  ·  Passionate and Authentic  ·  Compelling life story  ·  Real-world survivor  ·

What Simon’s clients Have To Say

Simon is always living and working above the line. Constantly putting himself out there for others, he’ll find many ways of using his skills to their fullest. Simon has a strong drive to overcome any obstacle and never gives up, always seeing the positive in any situation. He is able to teach and convey ideas to a wide range of people.
Cameron Moir, Teacher24Seven
Simon is a strong and evolved man, who always encourages others to become just as strong. He looks directly at that which causes trouble or anxiety & faces it. He can then gently demonstrate other possibilities. But Simon also knows the value of rumination – that sometimes we have to call on patience and ‘sit with it’.
Kat Gordon, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles
Quick to smile, laugh, and empathise, Simon has an ability to put anyone at ease. Combined with his talent for listening to people it makes for a powerful mix. There’s no BS with Simon, he’s always willing to help. He knows that the right information delivered the right way will create a positive effect.
Rob Salvatore, VMC
Simon has a talent for cutting through the “stuff” people say, and then finding the facts.
Every day he leads by example, fighting the good fight against unhappiness and depression. He’s more than just alive, he’s “living”.
Shaylene Downer, Seven Point Design