“It’s not about what you can’t do, it’s about what you CAN do”
-Simon Sharky Clark
“It’s not enough to make a choice, you’ve got to believe in the power of that choice.”
-Simon Sharky Clark
“Normal is the defined set of barriers we use to hold ourselves back”
-Simon Sharky Clark


Before he became The Shift Initiator€ Simon had a successful 16yr career in retail management. He then spent 8yrs at the helm of his own business, growing from small local entity to the #3 business in his region. After surviving a serious car crash in 2006, Simon’s injuries encouraged him sell up for a handsome profit and return to managing small businesses, this time in the IT industry. Then in early 2014 Simon once again stepped out on his own, focusing on his passion for helping others.


What Simon’s client’s say

Simon is a strong and evolved man, who always encourages others to become just as strong. He looks directly at that which causes trouble or anxiety & faces it. He can then gently demonstrate other possibilities. But Simon also knows the value of rumination – that sometimes we have to call on patience and ‘sit with it’.
Kat Gordon, Sixty Degrees Motorcycles
Simon is always living and working above the line. Constantly putting himself out there for others, he’ll find many ways of using his skills to their fullest. Simon has a strong drive to overcome any obstacle and never gives up, always seeing the positive in any situation. He is able to teach and convey ideas to a wide range of people.
Cameron Moir, Teacher
Quick to smile, laugh, and empathise, Simon has an ability to put anyone at ease. Combined with his talent for listening to people it makes for a powerful mix. There’s no BS with Simon, he’s always willing to help. He knows that the right information delivered the right way will create a positive effect.
Rob Salvatore, Victorian Motorcycle Council
Simon has a talent for cutting through the “stuff” people say, and then finding the facts. Every day he leads by example, fighting the good fight against unhappiness and depression. He’s more than just alive, he’s “living”.
Shay Downer, Seven Point Design